Monday, June 13, 2011

Time flies......

 Phew! Time just zooms by sometimes. Of late more than ever before I notice.  I distinctly remember thinking yesterday morning that today is the start of the week and how nice it is to have a Sunday as the sabbatical but how it is also equally nice to go back to work and how by lunch time I should be able to get to post a new blog and all. 

And before I knew it; it was closing time and the day had simply ‘swooshed’ by! Happens – often. Time is such a funny thing.  And I just couldn’t come back here all day yesterday. But now I am right here, at my favourite place, writing my blog! Feels good! Love writing!

Well, now about time.  And how it runs out so fast on you at times! There are times when it so drags on! As a young girl I used to fret whenever I used to have a chunk of it unexpectedly. Meaning - times when I had to twiddle my toes and wait. I remember being so distraught, so ready to scream – well almost. Waiting and youth simply do not go together.
But with advancing years and newer challenges life teaches you to value whatever time comes your way whether planned or otherwise and you learn to cherish it. You forget to fret. Frankly because being late stops mattering that much. For two reasons; one because you - with maturity - plan your days much better and two, you also quite  gleefully realize that waiting means free moments that you could never on your own keep for yourself. There are always demands on your time – always. 

One can utilize the moments thus given in so many ways. One can observe others fretting and smile smugly –inward of course – unless you are fond of inviting dirty looks! 

There are ways and ways people fret in. Some start repeatedly checking time – as if trying to nudge and hurry up the time. Some begin to settle down but with a resigned, pained look about them – a fatalist stance. And then some begin “doing” something about it – like forever making inquiries and discussing how difficult or wrong it is to be stranded like this.  
I usually search and manage as much a comfortable position as I can – If I can sit, well; and if I must stand then it helps to have something to lean against. And then either I keep unobtrusively watching the humanity around me or I withdraw and go in. 

One can do so much thinking. So many interesting thoughts my mind can weave! I have always felt that there is no better chance for this than to “have to” wait somewhere! Airports, doctor’s waiting rooms, railway platforms and even over cooking. So much exercise for the mind awaits. If only we would delve into it and reap the rich harvest!

Time flies then and leaves you with such great satisfaction that is unique. We all have become human ‘doings’ more than ‘beings’. Such times I guess allow one to be a human being. An experience I recommend quite highly!

Have a great day all!


  1. Hello Mam ...Loved it ! As a matter of fact i have been reading "Seven Days Weekend " by Ricardo Semler who advocates the fact that people have started cosidering Leisure (Checking e mails , Surfing , Chatting ) as free time but actually its just another way by which we connect with outer world . On the other hand by having free time we can introspect and get connected with ourselves .As a matter of fact i m also obssesed by my electronic mail box(e mail) and my smart phone but i always try and find "my time" during the day . You wouldn't beleive but i sometimes get off from auto half a kilometer away from my place just to walk and talk to myself and look back becuse with this hectic schedule during the day (especially when you are young and out to "win" the world) you never get time for yourself But its nicely put in words by you !
    Keep it up :)

  2. Don't count every hour in a day,make every hour in the day count.Enjoy every moment coz yes Time Flies!!