Sunday, June 26, 2011


This weekend I went to buy a book to gift to one of my dearest friends for his birthday and after a blissful episode of looking at many, fingering few and scanning some; found a lovely book by J. Krishnamurti titled “Mind without Measure”. Can't wait for him to finish so that I can borrow it!

Books; they beckon to me whenever I am in their vicinity. I am promptly under their spell whenever I have time to browse. And hence after buying that one - as always - I simply had to buy one for myself. I bought Osho’s “Love, Laughter & Life.” 

The preface hit me between my eyebrows like a bullet with this sentence: “Seriousness…it’s like a disease, it is the cancer of the soul.” Then the master story teller goes on to make even more sense and I am so hooked!

Began reading it and I remembered something I had written years ago when I wrote my own “Notes to Myself” as recommended by Hugh Prather. Here it is, reproduced for my dear readers:

“Taking myself - and most of the stuff that happens around me - seriously is something I tend to often overdo. No wonder that everything; well, almost everything, looms larger than life. Ease up on that and I am better off to deal with whatever I face.
And in the bargain I travel light and get to enjoy so many finer nuances and facets of the situation, which otherwise I miss out on.”

Have a lighter journey through the week, all!

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