Thursday, June 9, 2011

I miss it!

Another fresh – albeit a bit wet morning, I am at work -  back at my pc and the fist page that I go for - as always - is Google and Alas! I so miss the Google Doodle!

Yesterday there were these  colourful chords in memory of the jazz guitarist, songwriter and inventor Les Paul’s 96th birthday – the chords making beautiful notes in spite of the fact that I do not know how to create any music – I just love music, period. 

I merely had to run the cursor over them at random and they sang out those notes. Sigh! I miss them so! All day long I kept going back to smile at them as they relieved the tensions in my neck muscles from clicking away at the mouse at my office desktop. Though I love my work, keeping long hours at a pc does that to one, you know!

Anyway, I went looking for the melodious chords today morning and IBNLive informed me that Google has decided to keep it on for another day for the benefit of US users and others like me can select the country specific pages etc. and have a go at it for another day but I am not too keen.

With age you find the grace in letting go. It is fun remembering it all – almost as much fun as the experience.

Google does make life that much better with such features.  Love it!

Well, now it is monsoon in Pune. That means the outskirts of the city would be lush green and cool while hordes of city dwellers will be managing the flooded streets, traffic blocks and the never ending battle of keeping the stuff dry that needs to be dry to get through the day while the air stinks at the river side and it gets quite stifling and not so cool.

But Pune has still retained some of the laid back way of life of yesteryears – though fading too fast – and hence it is much less hysterical than Mumbai monsoon. That I must say is a fever and a war – both. A weird way of life. Ruthless, uncertain and dirty, not to mention perpetually wet. A month or two down the line everything starts giving out a mild stench of mildew - that's Mumbai monsoon for you!. 

Time alone shows – in retrospection - any life decision to be good or bad and my decision to move to Pune from Mumbai more than a decade ago was a wise one; a fact reinforced by the monsoon each year.

So, here I am at my table, ready to tackle another happily productive day while in one corner of my mind I can smell the wet earth, see the lush green out at the country side and feel the soft rain on my skin!
Soon, I promise myself. I hope to get away from the city at least for a few hours and soak it all in.

Till then it is back to the grind. Have a nice day, all!

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  1. Arey, you are here? Welcome back... I am jealous of you now.... !