Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Lunar Eclipse, Kungu Fu Panda 2 and other significant things.....

Sigh! Bliss is me!....... You would sigh too if you go check the Google Doodle today. 

Last night was a damp squib, we kept driving around on quiet rain-drenched streets, well past midnight; trying higher and higher places to scan the skies, hoping to catch a glimpse of the TLE (Total Lunar Eclipse for the uninformed!) but the rain kept it all hidden and then first thing in the morning at my desktop...yippee!.... I get to see it all here. 
I mean wow! Admittedly not the same as the real deal but better than nothing, right!
Okay here we means my son and I; and no, we do not make it a parctice of going around the town to witnesses eclipses - total or otherwise; and last night's damp squib was after the brilliant time at the movies, I must clarify here. After catching the mid night show of Kungu Fu Panda 2 with its usual 'popcorn-sandwiches-drinks' load of pure delight I just had to drag my boy for a "dekko" at the eclipse instead of driving straight back home. Oh! The things a good son has to do for his mother!

That said let me turn to more serious stuff like my morning agenda of hunting down hinges for toilet seats. Yeah, you got that right, hinges for the seat so that a lady can use the toilet as it ought to be used. If you are wondering how on earth can something like that be a serious matter, you are a man. If you are not, no need to mention that you so get me!

Well, after sad inquiries about it at various shops displaying gleaming classy art objects that go by the name of  bathroom and kitchen fixtures where I received several pitiful glances; I finally managed to find a place near Deccan to successfully end the traumatic phase at workplace where the unresolved issue had been festering to really get me going like this.
But no more! God is in his heaven and all is right with the world - once again!
All I now need is a handyman to fix the cursed thing on the damned seat so that life can go back to normal.

Now that that is done and over with, I am so going back to the eclipse.

I suggest you do the same, all!


  1. Ah!!!, The TLE (Total Lunar Eclipse). When did I see it last. Well I don't really remember but it must be during my childhood days.

    What a scene it was. A Perfect geometry by nature. Three heavenly objects in a straight line. The weather Gods were a little more sympathetic to Ahmednagar. I was viewing the TLE in the comfort of my balcony, a cup of coffee in my hand. The next one occure after another 49 years. May be I could be in heaven by that time.

  2. The hunt for hinges was an experience to get your inner peace;)

  3. Preparing myself for this 'awesomeness'