Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Being Here & Now"

Here are some thoughts....as my favourite columnist "Busybee"' would say, "All my own work"!

Yesterday evening I spent some time standing at the window watching the road below my bedroom window flowing with humanity and vehicles of all kinds, shapes and colours.  
And I remembered spending many evenings in the balcony of the house that I grew up in -in a Mumbai suburb. The time has brought so many changes.

The colours of the clothes everyone wears are more vivid, shapes and colours of the vehicles are so varied and almost all very beautiful. Not many ladies were seen manning vehicles back then. Now they all go around festively dressed, zooming to and fro on those vehicles which compared to the vehicles of my childhood look more like the designs from some science fiction flick. That speaks of wealth and good living.

All the people I see are in a hurry, all are so occupied with their own thoughts. No one really looks around. None is here and now.
I guess we all are very nicely dressed most of the time, we all eat quite fancy food all the time and we all do a lot of work, lot of traveling for fun and family reasons.
But we are - almost - absent!

I am too. In most things I do.
Because I am so either in past or future.

I wish I could train this silly little mind of mine to stay here and now. My mind goes around in a loop, now in past now in future. But NEVER right here and now.

What to do so that I can relish this moment as it is given to me? How can I intellectualize it so capably, word it so effortlessly and then fail so miserably when doing it?

Well, the question is rhetoric of course, because I know that it is done by DOING IT! …...perhaps now I too will write a book titled, "Just do it, you fool!”
Okay, now let us all go do whatever that we do so that we are never here and now.

God help us all!

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  1. So true,I am trying my level best.Its for ones own good,life will be so simple and enjoyable.