Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's Doodle

Oh! Wow! The doodle today shows 450th anniversary of the  St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow. There is a fairly good clip on 'YouTube' too. Go see, all. 
Earlier it used to pain me to see such old and ancient monuments preserved and loved so well by the western world. I deplore the state at home.
But of late I have let go. I'd rather celebrate 'what is' then 'what is not'.
So if it is St Basil's cathedral, Yeey! I am all for it, let's rejoice man's energy in loving all that is great and artistic. And religious of course.
Do check out the clips, images and of course the information on the net.
Beautiful murals, sculptures and so many art objects.
It seems the edifice is of an enormous stature and size but apparently the inside is not spacious at all.
But do go see how extremely well cared for a site that is.
Love the meticulous efforts to keep it all clean, shows the respect for it.
Quite inspiring I must say!
Have a happy day, all!

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