Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I love mornings and I do not like talking in the mornings. It is the time to be silent, to let oneself awaken gradually. Not dive head long into the day with anything – least of all noise. 

I hate hurried, near-panic mornings. In fact I deeply abhor rushing around and having to listen to sounds – like talking - in the mornings. Early hours are for preparing for the day; not chattering away! 

This fact came home - quite painfully - to me when I had a house guest once who just wouldn’t stop narrating anecdotes – all very interesting, thank you but…I mean, hello? Up with dawn, she is right there, yada, yada, yada……….Oh! My God! Not in the morning!

In fact sitting down in the early morning hours – quiet and uninterrupted - with a big steaming cup of ‘chai’ and the fresh newsprint all around me is my definition of starting the day well. For me mornings are highly significant, an almost holy ritual to usher in the day. 

So, may you all have lovely mornings…well, most of the times!

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