Thursday, July 21, 2011

High Well Being with mobiles, chimes and pea pods!.........

Today’s Google Doodle reminds me that I went searching for the mystery of the bunch of pea pods - in two tones - from the other day’s Google Doodle and came across this brilliant piece of writing in Washington Post’s Opinion-Blogs & Features section. It is really great writing!

I miss such wit in writing – rare, rather absent in my daily newspapers and almost everything in media. Mediocrity is the theme of the day I guess. Do go and read this blog by Alexandra Petri. The title of her blog is named “ComPost” with a line under it saying “she puts the ‘pun’ in ‘punditry’. Hehehe.....!

Which also - by the way - made me go look up the word “punditry”. Extremely enlightening – the internet is! Also, fyi, GM food means “genetically Modified Food”. Do read her. These people have the power to bring so much to you – all ready and easy. I feel so grateful for all this!
Here is the link to her blog – this particular one – that’s why the link is so long…..

But do go browse all the pages of Blogs & Features of Washington Post. They are amazing –all!

Now about today’s doodle: 
It is the mobile by Alexander Calder - an American sculptor who is renowned for inventing the mobile.
No, not the contraption all of us now cannot live without that also goes by the name of cellular phone but the strung together and hanging overhead object d’art. I found this image of one of his magnificent mobiles - pasted here for you:

I wonder if the mobile really is his invention. Weren’t these things around for centuries in Indian households – strung over a baby’s crib? Hmmm….I guess that would be an interesting thing to research – for an artist or a sociologist/anthropologist or even an archaeologist.

I being none of these, shall only wonder and feel happy to remember how much I love chimes. They too are “the mobile” aren’t they?

I love the way they sound when breeze hits them!

Have loved and wanted glass chimes all my life. Not available in this city of mine and I don't travel - much. Someday I shall go to a glass factory in Europe and buy a few - for my retired days when I can sit in the rocking chair in a lush garden, watch the sky, listen to the breeze and the chimes! Sigh!

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