Monday, July 4, 2011

Of late I try not to miss the sky much.....

After all I grew up in the city of Mumbai; back then called Bombay; where one gets to see a patch of sky from one’s house and that too if very lucky…which I was…..have always been! We had a playground right in front of our balcony so there was a sizable chunk of sky to look at.

When I shifted to Pune I lived in an old run down family house for two years. That house was blessed with an easy access to a terrace that allowed me to realize my long cherished dream – that of sleeping under the open sky! Needless to add that at each opportunity I’d be upstairs watching the sky.

From that terrace I could see vast open sky in all its glory and in varied 'avatars' - like all heavy and somber with rain laden clouds, sometimes so crystal clear and blue that I would feel as if my very own cells vibrated with its clarity.

Then there were the awe-inspiring sunsets! That was the time when for the first time in my life I discovered that clouds can be pure blazing golden too!
Hues of pastel greens, pearly pinks and lilac were not so new to me but the sheer bold luster of the gold in the clouds was so new that it took my breath away the first time I saw them. I distinctly remember gulping!

The sky soothes me like nothing else does. I have been able to resolve so many complicated issues that life threw at me by sitting down to watch the sky for hours! Just plain blue sky dotted with few birds like kites circling way up there is my remedy for a troubled mind. 
But no more it is possible to look at the sky the way I love to. 
Though I try very hard not to, I do miss the sky. But I have lived long enough and taken enough in this life to hold the faith that one day I will be spending hours again, watching the sky in all its magnificence.

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