Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh My God G!

There is an advertisement running on television for the last few weeks. It is where Mr. Bachhan's son explains why India's population is high and how the 3G is the answer to this challenge.

Though I am all for technology I cannot but help wonder how today's parents are going to answer the questions that their young ones are going to ask them when they miss the meaning of all that is being said in it - rather I hope they miss it. 
Yeah, you never know!

Well, I am sure they will want to know at least one of these: 
a) what is 3G - at least some of them will, 
b) they will want to know what does that have to do with anyone's 'biwi', 
c) here comes the most scary bit - what does that have to do with babies? and finally 
d) Why Abhishek says his baby was before 3G.

Wow! I'd love to see Jr. Mr. Bachhan answer his 'on its way off spring' some of those things.
Good Night all!

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  1. Seriously!!And that should be broadcasted on television.