Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let go, For give....

Quite often forgiveness is mistaken to be having everything to do with the other. It isn’t. It has only and only to do with your own self. 

The word is of two components: "For - Give".
It is giving away - or letting go of - that which hurts/angers you. 

Forgiving is you reconciling to the new reality. Till you forgive, this new reality is detested. 
You keep clinging to the wrong done, and it is stuck to you - like your limitations. Keep clinging to them by justifying them and they are yours - for ever.
Once you forgive and reconcile with 'what is' instead of fighting against what "should've been", it turns palatable. 
There is no other way of dealing with this.

Here is a lovely pic from a site named therein. Lovely site. 
Must check it out. 
Please do, all!

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