Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Net & Text...

I remember the times when one had to use the dial up for internet. Yeah, does sound like ancient history! And that makes me feel very, very old! But that’s okay; I alone know the perks of being this old. Oh yes, there are perks, believe you me!

But now it is all so furiously fast! And the joy of this ocean of information right there at my beck and call, that too so speedily;  is beyond words for me. I LOVE the net!

I will give you an example: The other day I came across this word “Laconic” and of course I generally knew that it describes someone who speaks rarely/less etc. Since searching the net is a passion for me I often go looking for stuff and mostly words, their etymology and their various usages. English of course.

And I discovered this extremely amusing bit on Wikipedia - my favourite place to go browsing: 
“It was the time of the invasion Philip the 2nd of Macedon. 
With key Greek city-states in submission, he turned his attention to Sparta and sent a message: "If I win this war, you will be slaves forever." 
The Spartans sent back a one word reply: "If".”

Wow! Almost blew me away!   What powerful usage of words…rather ‘a word.’ So often I use a whole lot of words – quite needlessly I realize now - to get my point across. 

Well! Well! Never too late to learn huh!

Have a grand day, all!

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