Thursday, November 17, 2011


Life is - most of the times - routine, mundane and monotonous. But then some quirk of fate or whatever comes your way and you are so flung out somewhere that you have no clue where you are and how to go on with your life.
A while ago a news item from the morning paper threw me so bad that I am still recovering from it. I have walked around with a knife stuck in my heart since then and am waiting for the great healer – time - to heal me while I pray for the mother involved in that heinous incidence.
The fact that her – whoever she is - son who died was 23 years old and my son completed 23 yrs recently are certainly connected – painfully.
Her 23 yr old was returning home on a two wheeler after wishing a friend for the birthday at midnight. He was hit by a car. The car was occupied by some drunken men; the driver too was inebriated.
The young man was injured badly and so they decided to dump him in front of a hospital and leave unobtrusively so that he gets the medical aid and they plain get away with it.
Well, fate played a cruel hand and they saw police near the hospital and so they took him to another place and left him there while all the time he kept pleading with them to let him talk to his mother!
The young man died during the night on that quiet deserted road.
The fact that a good citizen had witnessed the hit and had left not wanting to be involved in “police matter”; certain that the man was being taken to a hospital and so felt that there was nothing more that needed to be done.
The next day he found out that the victim had died and that too on another road and he put two and two together and gave police all his help to nab the offenders.
I have no clue how the mother is going to spend the rest of her life and the knife in my heart stays for a long time, I know.

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