Thursday, September 15, 2011

Legacy of Mannlicher

My father left me a legacy of his old rifle –a prized possession of his – a beautiful "Mannlicher" - 303. The twelve bore shotgun went to my brother – his first born.  Daddy was a Jim Corbett fan and I grew up with many a story of “shikars”. I also was taught how to fire arms. A school time stint at Bhosla Military School, Nasik too helped.


The legacy meant having a fire arms license. To that end I soon found myself in the local day-long fire arms training programme to claim my eligibility. Of course all other participants were men. That was expected. I was the "odd man out"! But then I am quite often that. 

The experience was not only exhilarating but an eye opener as well. I almost startled myself to be so thrilled to be at the shooting range. The deafening shots rang out in quick succession as all of us stood in a file, guns held, blazing away at the distant targets. Some of us had pistols, some long range arms like my rifle. Wow! What a scene!

The sport gripped me in a manner I never imagined and I never knew that I had such rawness in me. I mean come on, who would imagine a fifty (plus) year old mother of two to be so tickled pink at all that shooting! I had never thought that it would turn out to be so delicious an experience. 

Can’t wait to get back to the range to fire away! To say that I am surprised at this glee with firing a gun is surely an understatement now!

Have your best shot today, all! 


  1. Shooting !!?? I suddenly had a vision of you using your shotgun while you open the door!! ha!

  2. Wow!!Adventurous!!I would love to try that :)